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        1. Archive for 2010


          Digital Production reviews XfrogPlants Europe 3

          German magazine Digital Production reviews XfrogPlants Europe 3 library. Read the article here or check out Europe 3 in our store.…

          Instant Downloads now available for all Xfrog Products!

          Now you can purchase any single item or plant bundle in our shop and receive instantly the product by download link. Just select “Electronic Download” as the shipping method when you checkout. Save time, save money, get your plants immediately! OR, select shipping method “FedEx” and you will get both…

          CGChallenge XXVI – Dreamscape

          Xfrog is a proud sponsor of CGSociety’s CGChallenge XXVI – Dreamscape. Prizes include Terragen 2 with 1,300 XfrogPlants MegaBundle, Xfrog 4.4 for Cinema4D, Xfrog 5 for Maya, XfrogPlants Flowers 3 library, XfrogPlants USA Southwest library, Xfrog 3.5 standalone or other great prizes. dream·scape (drmskp IPA) n. A dreamlike scene or…

          BOTANNICA toolbox add-on for Xfrog 5

          GT3d has released a new version of Botannica, their Xfrog Shelf and Toolbox Package. This release now contains support for Maya 2009-2011. This Package is free and can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows. Download here or visit the GT3d e-store.

          MTV Psyop

          MTV Animation by Psyop, using Xfrog for Cinema4D. Please note the ultra smooth animated branching achieved with Xfrog.…

          Epona Reconnaissance Flight (Epona V)

          by Gert van Dijk “After my ‘Cathedral Tree screensaver‘, I am happy to show you something else that combines Vue with Xfrog. This time it is an animation. The only bits of vegetation not done with XFrog were the stems of the large trees.” Read more background on…

          P & M Studios: New renders with XfrogPlants

          P & M Studios has created several new renders using XfrogPlants Groundcover and XfrogPlants Europe 1 Libraries. The superb realism has been assisted by adding the photo-realistic XfrogPlants groundover and european trees around the great architectural forms. The realism of the plants helps the whole scene to be believable. More…

          XfrogPlants Flowers 3 Library now available

          View Complete PDF Product Page Snapdragon Crocus Dahlia Hortensia Peony Peace Lily Plant List Snapdragon ( Antirrhinum sp. ) Coxcomb ( Celosia sp. ) Crocus ( Crocus sp. ) Dahlia ( Dahlia dahlia ) Gardenia ( Gardenia sp. ) Spider Gerbera ( Gerbera sp. ) Hibiscus ( Hibiscus sp. )…

          Xfrog featured in Digital Production Magazine

          German Magazine review of Xfrog 4.4 for CINEMA 4D. Some good overview of functionality and great new renders. Read the article here.

          Yosemite Valley and more

          Yosemite Valley Overcast Weather by Martin Huisman Created with Terragen 2 and XfrogPlants…