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        1. Archive for 2011

          Xfrog Holiday Sale!

          Save 30% on all products Storewide! Get great discounts on 3D plants, trees flowers and 3D organic modeling software until December 31st January 5! Xfrog creates 3D Organic Software (Xfrog 5), 3D Models of Plants (XfrogPlants) and Terragen 2 Ecosystem Software with 1,300 XfrogPlants (Terragen Bundles). Xfrog 5 Organic modeling

          Xfrog 5 for Cinema 4D: Now for C4D R13 & R12!

          Cubic Tree Growing Tree Vanish Our new upgrade, Xfrog 5 for Cinema4D, adds speed, stability, and full compatibility with Cinema 4D R 13…

          Enter the CityLIFE Archviz Challenge!

          Xfrog is proud to be a sponsor of CityLIFE: Ronen Bekerman’s Architectural Visualization Challenge! Join the challenge and submit your best work for a chance to win fantastic prizes including Terragen 2 and 1,300 XfrogPlants. This time we will explore one of the most complex and vast subject matter…

          Get XfrogPlants Asia: 180 New 3D Plant Models!

          Xfrog’s newest library of 3D plants and trees offers 180 new models from Asia!…

          SandroS – Carapicuiba House

          SandroS recently posted these amazing renders of Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni’s Carapicuiba House.…

          Jan Walter Schliep – Bamboo Forest Path

          New render featuring 3D bamboo from the new XfrogPlants ASIA library!…

          Frank Basinski – Southwest

          Cacti and succulents from XfrogPlants USA Southwest. Rendered in Terragen 2.…

          Jan Walter Schliep – Fenced Garden

          New render by Jan Walter Schliep! 3D plants and flowers created with Xfrog for Cinema 4D. Rendered in Cinema 4D.

          Behind the scenes of “Outside In”

          Plant growth created with Xfrog 5 for Maya. Watch this video for a behind the scenes look! The animated short “Outside In” is the master’s degree project…

          Xfrog 5 for Maya: Update for Maya 2012

          This new update to Xfrog 5 makes it fully compatible with Autodesk MAYA 2012. Download the free 30 day trial, or visit the Xfrog 5 page for more information. Xfrog adds six new procedural Objects to Maya. By combining these with Maya components and objects you can create a…