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        1. Archive for January, 2011


          Two new XfrogPlants libraries available on TurboSquid

          All 30 XfrogPlants libraries are now available to download on Turbosquid!? XfrogPlants Europe 3 and XfrogPlants Flowers 3 join the rest of our great plant libraries with 40 new species of trees and flowers for a total of 360 new plant models. Each Species includes 9 high quality models in…

          130 Free XfrogPlants Now Available!

          Download free 3d plant and tree models from each of the 30 XfrogPlants libraries! Three to nine 3d plant models are included in each of the 30 species…

          Toyota 0 utslipp

          Download HD version here. Norwegian tv spot for Toyota Prius featuring Xfrog for Maya.…