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        1. Archive for March, 2011


          Free Xfrog Video Tutorials

          Free Xfrog tutorials are now available on our newly revamped Support page! You’ll be an expert at modeling your own 3d trees, plants and flowers in no time: we’ve loaded it with video tutorials, workshops, hints, tips and FAQs for Xfrog 5 for Maya, Xfrog 4.4 for C4d and…

          Xfrog sponsors Architectural 3D Awards

          Win 1,300 XfrogPlants and Terragen 2! CGarchitect.com is once again hosting the Annual Architectural 3D Awards. The winners will receive over $54,000 in prizes by the competition sponsors. Xfrog is the exclusive official sponsor of the Architectural Film/Video Category and we are giving away the Terragen 2 MEGA Bundle

          Tips for Xfrog Users from 3D World Magazine

          Visit 3D World for two handy sets of tips for working with Xfrog for Maya: 6 top tips for Xfrog Users and Power Tips for Xfrog. These contain great, helpful hints for beginners just starting out with Xfrog as well as advanced users. Xfrog for Maya featured in 3D…