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        1. Archive for September, 2012


          Xfrog 5 for Cinema 4D: Now for C4D R14

          Get the latest version of Xfrog 5 for Cinema 4D, our 3D procedural modeling plugin: now fully compatible with Cinema 4D R14! This is a free update for all Xfrog 5 for C4D owners. Using an older version? Upgrade from Xfrog 4.x for only $139! or download a free

          Botannica – Xfrog 5 for Maya Toolbox

          Botannica was created by GT3D Animation Studio (www.gt3d.net) as an assistant tool for whenever Xfrog was to be used in a production or for testing purposes. Company founder Graham Thompson had this to say about the Shelf and Toolbox… “As CG veterans we felt that if we are…