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        1. Archive for October, 2012


          Enter CGChallenge XXVII: ’10’

          Enter CGSociety’s CGChallenge XXVII to win XfrogPlants Bundles and other fantastic prizes. Challenge for the world’s best digital art has begun CGSociety is offering over $140,000 in prizes with CGChallenge XXVII: TEN CGSociety has been celebrating their first ten years as the premier site for digital artists worldwide. As a…

          Landscape Effects – Chris Wells

          Amazing landscape work featuring 3d plants from Xfrog by Chris Wells: I was tasked with creating a highly detailed environment that would hold up at 4k stereo. Xfrog plants really came through, I brought them into Lightwave and instanced them all over based on some ecological parameters, their detail…

          Fiona Stanley Hospital – Toucan Creative

          Toucan Creative used XfrogPlants with iTooSoft’s Forest Pro plugin to create this amazing video for the new Fional Stanley Hospital in Murdoch, Western Australia: The plant libraries offered at Xfrog allowed Toucan Creative to fulfill the requirements of the extensive landscaping schedule, with plenty of variety to create natural and…

          M4D IRAY Plant Growth – Carl Glittenberg

          New animation from Carl Glittenberg: This is a small test I performed with XFROG to get some flowers to grow. I wanted to see if I could render the whole thing on a GPU. Rendered in Cinema 4D using M4D-IRAY on an NVIDIA GTX 590.…