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        1. Archive for January, 2013


          Safeway “Paper” by Elastic

          Agency l DDB Chicago Production Company | Elastic Director | Andy Hall VFX l a52…

          “Treepocalypse” by Samir Korbi

          This scene takes place in a world where evil trees contaminate our soil and sucking all the energy out of the world.…

          “Seven Towers” by Manja

          Made for CGTalk FxWars Challenge n°36 : 7 Towers A full CG forest, using mostly xfrog and paint effect, and rendered with mental ray.…

          XfrogPlants Bundles for 3ds Max

          Amazing 3D trees, shrubs and flowers for 3ds Max. Get Xfrog’s unrivaled level of realism and detail at a massive discount for your next big project. With our Bundles, you can get over 3,000 plant models for pennies per plant model! Bark and leaves from real plants! SilverBirch SilverMaple NorwaySpruce…