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        1. Archive for 2014


          Image of the Day for 12/10/2014: “Far Cry” by Massi San

          by Massi-San Rendered in Vue Featuring plants from XfrogPlants Oceania 1 and Oceania 3

          Veterans Day Update

          Get the latest updates for Xfrog 5.3 for C4D R16 & Maya 2015.…

          New Xfrog Maintenance Contracts

          All Xfrog Plants and Software now offer one-year Maintenance Contracts. Keep your plants and software up to date with any updates, revisions or releases all for one small fee! For XfrogPlants Bundles, Libraries and Single Species, this gives one full year of complete download access to ALL 3D…

          XfrogPlants for Bryce Sale

          Get XfrogPlants for Bryce at a special reduced price: XfrogPlants Volume 1 in Bryce format is now only $209.00, and all XfrogPlants Libraries for Bryce from Volume 1 are just $59.00 each! Bryce format includes Billboards, Perspectives and models in editable .xfr format. Volume 1 Bundle: $209! Volume 1 Libraries:

          Save on Distribution Licenses

          Need to use XfrogPlants in a Game or App? A Distribution License is now only $199 per library: the lowest price in the industry!…

          Terragen 3

          Terragen 3? is a powerful solution for rendering and animating realistic natural environments from Planetside Software. Terragen 3 is a major new revision and includes a broad range of new features, enhancements to existing functionality, performance improvements, and many other changes. For a complete feature list, visit Planetside’s Terragen 3