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        1. Archive for April, 2014

          Xfrog 5.2 for Cinema4D R 15

          The most popular plugin for Cinema4D is now available for R 15. Upgrade to 5.2 today, for only $99.50!

          XfrogPlants Interactive Catalogs

          Now you can browse our 3,000 plants interactively, as an interactive online book, and zoom in up to 300% to see all the high detail we build into our plants. Giveaway the PDFs, or print them out for clients, or even create your own in-house plant library.…

          Floating licenses of Xfrog for Cinema4D and Maya

          Xfrog 5.2 plugins for C4D and Maya, now work on any installation – floating or node-lock – you choose. Xfrog also works free, without a license, for rendering, on any size render farm – setup renders across hundreds or thousands of machines in your facility or outside. View Xfrog 5