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        1. Archive for July, 2014


          New Reduced Software Pricing!

          Licenses Price One $189.50 Two $289.50 Five $489.50 Ten $689.50 Site $1389.00 Add Xfrog Software to your XfrogPlants Bundles and save even more!…

          The Bamboo Project – Ashish Dani

          The Bamboo Project is an amazing piece by 3d artist Ashish Dani using bamboo models from XfrogPlants Asia. I have heard good things about xfrog trees and wanted to try them out. For this I used the bamboo trees from their “Asia” collection as a base. I then proceeded…

          Download Free XfrogPlants

          We are pleased to announce 148 New Free 3D Plants, our gift to you, so you can see for yourself why we are the industry leader for 3d Plant models. Visit our Samples Page to download! Over the past 7 years, we have constructed over 3,000 plant models and…