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        1. Archive for January, 2015

          Update for Xfrog 5.3 for C4D R16

          This update fixes several issues affecting Mac users. Free for existing Xfrog 5.3 customers.…

          Image of the Day for 1/22/2015: “Three Sisters” by James Fullen

          by James Fullen Rendered in Terragen 2 Featuring models from XfrogPlants USA Conifers

          The Incredibles

          Credits: Pixar Use: XfrogPlants used all through the film, most notably the jungle sequences. For details on plants used in certain scenes, please read this PDF.…

          Artist of the Month: January 2015 – Rudi Hendrich

          1. Q: Where are you from and how did you get involved with computer graphics, and how long ago? A: I’m from Germany. Schleswig Holstein, a small state high in the north between the North and Baltic Sea. A friend of mine recommended me VUE 5 and since then it…

          Xfrog Under Consideration for a Scientific OSCAR?

          We are pleased to announce that Xfrog is under consideration by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts? and Sciences for a Scientific Technical (Sci-Tech) Award in the category “Digital Vegetation: Modeling, Animation and Rendering”. Five companies are nominated and we are honored to be among such industry giants as WETA,…