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        1. Archive for March, 2015


          Image of the Day for 3/27/2015: “Nature’s Formations” by Massi San

          by Massi-San Rendered in Vue wanted to test some new settings and plants i havn’t used yet…well 43 hours of rendering in many steps…insane realy what a plant and small changes can do to rendertimes.…

          Image of the Day for 3/21/2015: “Darkside” by Gilles Tran

          by Gilles Tran Custom plants and trees modeled with Xfrog 3.5 See a detailed render of the foreground flowers here.…

          Image of the Day for 3/20/2015: “Sopron” by Jason Godbey

          by Jason Godbey Scene modeled in 3dsMax and rendered in Vray.…

          Occupation Life:)

          D&D Creations in collaboration with Mini Vegas Amsterdam produced this commercial for Life:), a Ukranian mobile/Internet provider. [D&D Creations] made the natural and epic valley backgrounds in Vue xStream, the rest was done with Autodesk Maya by the creative team of MiniVegas.…