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        1. Archive for August, 2015


          Image of the Day for 8/31/2015: “Aqua Calda” by Massi-San

          by Massi-San Rendered in Vue this is inspired by a warm water stream i went to visit next to my hometown.it′s a lovely place with a few thermal springs where you can take a bath.…

          Image of the Day for 8/29/2015: “Carapicuiba House – Kitchen” by SandroS

          by SandroS Modeled in modo, rendered in Thea Render CG recreation of Carapicuiba House, designed by Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni See more renders from this project in our Carapicuiba House post.…

          Image of the Day for 8/25/2015: “Chichen Itza Temple” by Insight Digital

          by Insight Digital Archaeological visualizations of the Maya site Chichen Itza made by Insight Digital. For more information, see Tales of the Maya Skies in our Film + Television Gallery.…