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        1. Archive for December, 2015


          Image of the Day for 12/31/2015: “Renegade, Dream Sequence 2”

          by Jan Kounen Still of Vincent Cassel dreaming (with Xfrog visual effects) from the 2004 movie “Blueberry” (based on the Moebius comic). This movie was released as “The Renegade” in english-speaking markets in 2005. Directed by Jan Kounen, starring Vincent Cassel and Juliette Lewis, An Existentialist Western with lot of…

          Image of the Day for 12/27/2015: “Lemon Bottlebrush”

          Image of the Day 12/27/2015 ( Callistemon pallidus ) Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Oceania 3 The Lemon Bottlebrush is an upright hardy shrub with spreading branches. The lemon whitish flowers provide a nice contrast to the silvery green leaves. It is dominant in the area range that…

          Image of the Day for 12/24/2015: “The Mimozas”

          Modeling cut Mimoza branches in a vase, Rendered with V-Ray…

          Image of the Day for 12/23/2015: “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”

          Credits: Michael Sean Foley – cg supervisor Jason Wardle – visual effects, Method Use: Featured in many shots – use of both Xfrog for Maya and XfrogPlants library models to build seasons of plants that move in wind. Big season animation – progression thru all 4 seasons – is probably…