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          Download 120 Free Models

          We are pleased to announce 150 Brand New Free 3D Plants, our gift to you, so you can see for yourself why we are the industry leader for 3d Plant models. Visit our Samples Page to download! Over the past 12 years, we have constructed over 3,000 plant models…

          XfrogPlants Europe 1

          by Mathew Borrett Created in modo using replicators. Rendered with modo’s built-in renderer. Subsurface Scattering on the leaves for a bit of translucency.…

          Interactive Plant Catalogs

          Three unique ways for you and your clients to browse through our 3,000 plants: 1) Search for any plant using our Online XfrogPlants Index 2) View complete catalogs for each of the XfrogPlants Bundles, including species lists sorted alphbetically by common name and scientific name. XfrogPlants Volume 1(Download)XfrogPlants…

          XfrogPlants Flowers 3

          by Massi-San Rendered in Vue Featuring Lavender models from XfrogPlants Agriculture kinda tricky using many colors in a render but not impossible…

          Customer Support

          View our Manuals and Videos Open A Support Ticket Case Reach out to our Hotline 1.818.726.8782…

          Organic Architecture

          Xfrog with Architect Dennis Dollens http://www.exodesic.org/