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          Garden of the Gods – “Geo-Trekker”

          D&D Creations in collaboration with Curiosity Shopped produced this video about the formation of the iconic red rock formations in Garden of the Gods National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs, CO. Featuring Araucaria, Calamites, Cycadeoidea, Alethopteris and many other model from XfrogPlants Prehistoric Our job in this…

          Occupation Life:)

          D&D Creations in collaboration with Mini Vegas Amsterdam produced this commercial for Life:), a Ukranian mobile/Internet provider. [D&D Creations] made the natural and epic valley backgrounds in Vue xStream, the rest was done with Autodesk Maya by the creative team of MiniVegas.…

          The Incredibles

          Credits: Pixar Use: XfrogPlants used all through the film, most notably the jungle sequences. For details on plants used in certain scenes, please read this PDF.…


          Uncharted Territory used 3D trees and plants from Xfrog in the 2011 film Anonymous. Static Xfrog trees were imported into 3DS MAX and then animated by hand. Before After ? Columbia Pictures, Courtesy of Uncharted Territory…

          HBO’s Silicon Valley

          See agave plants grow and come to life with Xfrog in this clip from episode 3 of HBO’s new show, Silicon Valley.…

          Allstate – “Bungler”

          A front yard cycles through the seasons with the help of Xfrog…

          Ortho Weed B Gon MAX – “Crime Files”

          Ortho Weed B Gon MAX tv Spot “Crime Files” featuring Xfrog.…