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          Making of “Along the Creek”

          The 3D Application of choice for this task was 3Ds Max. The first step is to establish a layout as to where each component goes. The scene was divided into – BG Matte Painting (sky and mountains), The river / stream, 3D Vegetation & the Stone river Bank. Simple geometry…

          The Bamboo Project – Ashish Dani

          The Bamboo Project is an amazing piece by 3d artist Ashish Dani using bamboo models from XfrogPlants Asia. I have heard good things about xfrog trees and wanted to try them out. For this I used the bamboo trees from their “Asia” collection as a base. I then proceeded…

          Making of “Red Riding Hood Modern House”

          CG Artist Sérgio Merêces takes us step by step through the making of his amazing Red Riding Hood Modern House render in this feature at CGarchitect.com Merêces goes over scene set up, modelling, texturing and of course distributing XfrogPlants trees using a multiscatter plug-in. Read the full article here!

          XfrogPlants Vol. 1, “Stream” by SandroS

          From our upcoming new product, XfrogPlants Vol. 1, containing 1,300 plants, Artist SandroS has created a nice riverside ecosystem in modo. See his original post on the Luxology Forums for more info. In the scene I have imported one copy of every model you see, about 22 different models from…

          Making of “Catch”: Xfrog 5 & Vue Tutorial

          3D artist Angela Hauer takes us step by step through the process of making “Catch”.…

          SandroS – Carapicuiba House

          SandroS recently posted these amazing renders of Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni’s Carapicuiba House.…

          Jan Walter Schliep – Bamboo Forest Path

          New render featuring 3D bamboo from the new XfrogPlants ASIA library!…

          Frank Basinski – Southwest

          Cacti and succulents from XfrogPlants USA Southwest. Rendered in Terragen 2.…

          Jan Walter Schliep – Fenced Garden

          New render by Jan Walter Schliep! 3D plants and flowers created with Xfrog for Cinema 4D. Rendered in Cinema 4D.

          INSIGHT’s Chichen Itza

          Amazing new renders from our friends at Insight Digital: These are work-in-progress archaeological visualizations of the Maya site Chichen Itza.…