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          Tips for Xfrog Users from 3D World Magazine

          Visit 3D World for two handy sets of tips for working with Xfrog for Maya: 6 top tips for Xfrog Users and Power Tips for Xfrog. These contain great, helpful hints for beginners just starting out with Xfrog as well as advanced users. Xfrog for Maya featured in 3D…

          Digital Production reviews XfrogPlants Europe 3

          German magazine Digital Production reviews XfrogPlants Europe 3 library. Read the article here or check out Europe 3 in our store.…

          Xfrog featured in Digital Production Magazine

          German Magazine review of Xfrog 4.4 for CINEMA 4D. Some good overview of functionality and great new renders. Read the article here.

          3D World Magazine features Xfrog 5 for Maya

          Issue 134 of 3D World Magazine has a great feature on Xfrog 5 for Maya, including tips, tricks, and a review. This issue also includes a CD with both Xfrog 4 and Xfrog 5 on it. Readers receive Xfrog 4 completely free, and code for a $100 discount on…