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          UPGRADE: CINEMA 4D R19 - JUNE SALE $69

          UPGRADE: CINEMA 4D R19 - JUNE SALE $69
          in Cart: None
          Code: XA-17
          Price: $199.00
          Sale: $69.00!
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          This is an electronic upgrade/crossgrade for Xfrog 5.5 R19, for any existing Xfrog Software.
          If you are not an existing customer please checkout Xfrog here: http://www.ddydw.cn/product/XA-06.html and try our 30 Day Fully functional download.

          Xfrog 5.5 CINEMA R19, is the latest release of the popular Xfrog for CINEMA 4D line,
          includes multiple bug fixes, performance optimization over Xfrog CINEMA R18 and full compatibility with Cinema 4D R19.

          Instructions how to get your permanent key -

          (1) Add the upgrade on this page to your cart
          (2) Add Xfrog 5.5 Free Trial and checkout your cart. http://www.ddydw.cn/product/XS-06.html
          (3) Click your download link for 5.5. Unzip and place in your Plugins folder.
          (4) In CINEMA 4D -> Plugins -> Xfrog 5 - Request Permanent Key

          We will email your updated permanent key within 1 - 3 business days.

          (4) Launch CINEMA 4D and insert your Xfrog permanent key. Request above in step 3 -> 30 Day Temp if you cannot wait 1-3 days validation.

          NOTE: Xfrog 5.5 FOR R18 customers are eligible to update to R19 at no cost. In the above step 3 use your existing perm key.

          Any questions please contact support@xfrog.zendesk.com

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